Qur’an for all

• Multi-lingual and has a 40 translation of the Qur’an, with the possibility to listen to some translations
• five interpretations of the Qur’an (Ibn Katheer – Jalalain – Tabari – Qurtubi – Saadi)
• Ability to hear the voice of the Qur’an more than 37 reciters
• Ability to listen to the verses each one alone
• the possibility of movement between the fence and the verses easily
• light browsing and is compatible with all screens with the possibility of browsing from Mobile Phone and tablet easily
• the possibility to download and save interpretation
• the ability to print text
• Contains books for each language
• the ability to share pages on social networking sites

Qur’an for all [second version] works with all screens

Qur’an for all [first version]

Qur’an for all [first version] for mobiles