Customized hosting plan.

Ressler plan or server on demand.

Page design and new websites or redesign :

  • Website design and how to navigate between pages.

  • Adding graphics, images and text

  • Programming using HTML, JavaScript, PHP

  • Models (Online Forms).

  • The use of databases .

  • The possibility of making the site multilingual .

  • Linking the site with social networks .

  • The ability to add chat services and direct technical support .

  • Lifting and installing software programs, forums and other necessary services and on-demand .

  • Add your website in the global search engines .

  • Register a domain name for your website locally or internationally .

Graphic design , logos and photos:

  • Interfaces navigate between pages and buttons.

  • Corporate logos .

  • Publicity for the site.

  • Animation and three-dimensional .

  • Montage and cutting audiovisual .

Site Manager
: If you do not have enough time to manage and update the contents of your site ,with Allah willing we have the possibility of : 

  • Reload this website data with the work to ensure the continuity of his work properly and without interruption for any emergency reason  .

  • Taking backups of files and databases periodically .

  • Interaction with visitors and inquiries and suggestions.